Friday, June 21, 2013

#607: Dave Daubenmire

A.k.a. Coach Daubenmire
A.k.a. Your Friendly Neighbourhood Demagogue

Coach Daubenmire is a former high school football coach who ran into some career trouble in the late 1990s for coercing his students to pray. He was sued by ACLU, though according to himself “the ACLU relented and offered Coach an out of court settlement. God honored his stand and the ACLU backed off,” which sort of fails to mention the fact that the court ordered Daubenmire to stop leading religious activities at school and that the school board paid an $ 18,000 settlement. But Daubenmire is a traditional Liar-for-Jesus, so you wouldn’t expect much honesty from that source. “As a result of the experience, Coach heard the call to move out of coaching a high school team, to the job of coaching God’s team,” is not entirely accurate either.

Well, Daubenmire has built his entire post-coaching career on telling people how his first amendment rights were violated by the Constitution, and on running the ministry he founded, Pass the Salt Ministries (no kidding). Pass the Salt is perhaps most famous for hosting the right wing conference “A gathering of Eagles”, promoted as a “NON-POLITICAL event […] designed to educate Christians about the great moral issues facing this country [,…] such as The Gay Agenda, Abortion, Individual Liberty, Hate Crime Legislation, and the religion of Secular Humanism,” which does not sound distinctly non-political but there you go. Guests included several famous non-partisan Christians such as Flip Benham, Rick Scarborough, and Peter Labarbera.

Daubenmire also runs something called “Minutemen united”, a group of people who disrupts church services to proclaim their anti-gay stance. Those activities have landed him several high-profile television appearances, where he has attempted to (chime in on the Freshwater case and) portray himself as your humble, friendly servant of God – he doesn’t hate his opponents, you see, it is just that they are “enemies of God”. He also advocates revolution to obliterate the distinction between church and state, and is apparently a big fan of David Barton’s dominionist mangling of history.

Now, Daubenmire asserts that he is “not homo-phobic. I'm not homo-hateful. I'm not homo-latent. I'm homo-nauseous. I really couldn’t care less where a man desires to put his appendage. But I’m sick of hearing about it. I’m sick of talking about it. I’m sick of it being force fed to me on TV,” which would at least made slightly more sense if Daubenmire hadn’t so tirelessly talked about it and weren’t so all-consumingly obsessed with it. One wonders how he squares being tired of the debate with his repeated calls on Obama to come clean and admit that he is gay (as well as admit that he is a socialist who is trying to destroy the economy and that he is not really a Christian; Obama is apparently also a sociopath). Then he complains that people say that he says stupid shit.

He didn’t quite get through the Jason Collins affair with his dignity intact either. Daubenmire was predictably outraged that Obama supported him. He also boldly declared that he hates homosexuality, which apparently must be consistent with being “not homo-hateful”, primarily one supposes in virtue of the lying-for-Jesus discourse mandate he seems to possess. He furthermore claimed that homosexuality only exists “because men like you and men like me are letting it go on and won’t stand up and push back and say anything about it.” Because there is surely a shortage of rabid bigots fuming about homosexuality at the moment.

Diagnosis: Homo-hateful, abysmally ignorant theocrat. He’s pretty loud, so he has apparently made some impact.


  1. Someone should tell "Coach" that if one is sick of things one sees on television, then there is a very easy and straightforward solution to that problem.

    Similarly, if one is sick of talking about something, there is an effortless way to solve that problem, too.

    I just hate to see poor Dave suffer needlessly.

  2. Daubenmire wants to ban divorce as well as gay marriage. And coach Dave is not only sick of the things he sees on TV - he is also "sick and tired of being sodomized by The Left."

  3. His condition is, in fact, rapidly deteriorating. His claim that not letting Christians bully gays is bullying against Christians (where "gays" are assumed to be opposed to "Christian", of course) is not particularly unexpected from this source. His discovery that demonic spirits are running the country is perhaps a bit further out there - more Gordo Klingenschmitt or Cindy Jacobs style.

    But Daubenmire has also bought fully into the chemtrail conspiracy theory (that airplane contrails are "chemical weapons"). And, not the least, he he has called Fred Phelps "part of the body of Christ", defended him at length, and - it would seem to us observers - partially endorsed him.

  4. He has came out of coaching retirement and is being announced as the new head coach of Lakewood Local School District in Hebron, Ohio. I am doing everything I can to stop this from happening, as my son plays football for this school, and I will be forced to move districts if the public does not stand up and do something. I'm backed into a corner and I am dealing with a community of good ole' boys who care more about winning games than about what this man will be brainwashing our children with !

    1. I watched this whole event play out. It's amazing how much media attention it attracted for a small town story. You and your friends did a great job in quashing Daubenmire's being hired. But you did have a lot of help from Daubenmire himself who did STUPID things to sabotage himself like his shouty, fingerjabbing rant at the board meeting where he kept ranting even though he was told his 5 minutes were up. Then he proved himself a poor loser by blaming the pastors (?!), the gays, and personal agenda of at least one member of the school board. His ministry is a failure. To be The Great Leader he has to attract more than a small handful of followers.

  5. Daubenmire continues his crusade against the homosexuals and all their allies. Among his recent antics are his call to ban Hollywood, and to ban pornography to spare him the temptation.

    As for his progress on the job market, well he's trying to put the "coach" back into his name, but things aren't going that well, it seems, which strikes him as surprising given his amiable personality but understandable given the persecution of which he is an obvious victim. We are a theocracy, proclaims the coach, and from that perspective it is absolutely appalling that a small group of gays and communists can "push around" the 80% Christians in the country (who in Daubenmire's mind opposes gays by default).

    As for political insights, Daubenmire has recently claimed that Obama has done more to fuel racism than George Wallace. He has also hearted J.D. Manning (who wants all gays to be killed). He is nevertheless exasperated about the obvious injustice in the fact that people aren't sharing or liking the stuff he writes on facebook. Poor Coach.

  6. I have to say, I am surprised at these judgmental, critical attacks from such "open minded " individuals. Is it still American to hear an opinion differing from our own and not wish harm to those who oppose us? Or is that too Historically accurate?

  7. I have a different experience with Dave Daubenmire than the divisiveness expressed in these comments . Last fall I heard that volunteers were needed for Hurricane Harvey relief work.I ended up deploying to Port Arthur, TX last October with Daubenmire's group known as the Light and Salt Brigade. I was there a week last October with 9 other men whom had heard about the volunteer need via the internet. All told there were 7 States represented. These men never had met before, united by a call to do something for somebody. We sheet-rocked four houses of low income minority flood victims. Daubenmire's organization paid for all the materials, and volunteers donated the labor. The men were motivated to be there by their christian values of love thy neighbor, which are summed up by last six of the ten commandments. I hope this shows another side of Daubenmire that the commenters don't know about. "Whoever is without sin among you, let him be the first to cast a stone"...

  8. You have to be a krisschin to help people? You can't just do it because you're a good human being?