Saturday, May 17, 2014

#1042: Spike Psarris

Spike Psarris used to be an engineer in the United States’ military space program. He claims (as so many others) to have “entered that program as an atheist and an evolutionist. He left it as a creationist and a Christian.” He currently runs the website (Phil Plait is not impressed by his work here), which is dedicated to “exposing the bankruptcy of the evolutionary model, especially in astronomy,” a statement so detached from anything resembling understanding of what he is talking about that it counts as pretty much conclusive evidence that Psarris was never an “evolutionist” to begin with but your standard liar for Jesus. Now, Psarris is aware of this charge, and he has a response. In short, astronomers use the word “evolution” and talk about e.g. “the evolution of stars”; therefore … well, in Psarris’s mind what they are talking about has some connection to biological evolution. Psarris never explains why, but that is because Psarris does not have the faintest clue what he is talking about. He also complains that astronomy today has solved many of the problems of astronomy in the past, which apparently shows that it is a lie – as he puts it: “It’s not my fault if the evolutionists keep changing their minds about their ‘truth’.”

That’s the level at which Psarris’s pseudoscientific denialism is pitched. To see it in more detail, you can download his DVDs, in which he explains his creationist astronomy in an accessible manner. You will look in vain for actual science or research. But creationism has always been about outreach, not research.

Despite the inanity of his work, Psarris has some fans in the creationist community. Bob Enyart and Fred Williams have been caught praising his work. Here is something called The 4th Day Alliance trying their hand at creation astronomy as well. It is … what it is, I suppose.

Diagnosis: Firmly located at the more helplessly moronic end of the creationist spectrum. His influence is probably limited to people who are already irrevocably reality challenged.


  1. Evolutionary theory is moronic, and becoming more and more bankrupt as time goes on. As Spike has said in his lectures -evolutionists keep inventing ridiculous scenarios to explain their theory. For example - rogue asteroids to explain a multitude of problems that would otherwise show a much younger universe.

    1. I strongly suggest that you do not only look at creationist videos. Look at the other side. As far as I know there is one website that discusses all creationist claim with reason and science. That is:
      If you can find one argument that is not answered on that site than answer this post.

    2. Another creationist who immediately starts off on a purported higher ground by belittling anyone who opposes their POV!! typical. Jesus , if he exists, is an ET..Phone home Christian soldiers!!!

  2. So if science hasn't yet explained a problem, the solution is the magic sky voice? That is creationism at its best guys.

  3. If you can't debate Spike's scientific assertions, then kill the messenger with ridicule and name calling. It is an old atheist trick.

  4. Atheists (scientists) have devices to determine the age of the universe. All you have to do is disprove it. Oh yeah I forgot - "You weren't there." Checkmate!